Announcing Piqosity Virtual Tutor 2 with Remediation

Next-Level Personalization & Ease of Use With Piqosity Virtual Tutor 2 (PVT), Piqosity is now "next level" easy to use for individual students. To navigate through an ACT, SAT, or ISEE course, students need only click on the big, blue "Start Next Module" button on their dashboards. A new, color-coded progress bar visually tracks [...]

Announcing Major Summer App Update

We successfully deployed our most complex update ever to the Piqosity application on Thursday, June 13, 2024. These are the biggest changes existing users should be aware of: A New Student Questionnaire helps to orient students when they first log in. The Student Dashboard has been completely reimagined. Piqosity Virtual Tutor 2 (PVT [...]

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