Does Piqosity sell tutorial services?

No, Piqosity is purely an education technology (and publishing) company. However, to offer a competitive product we sometimes bundle a tutor consultation and/or 1-hour of private tutoring with select packages. These services are provided by local tutors and teachers. If you are a local educator, we invite you to register for our Educator Referral [...]

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Who writes Piqosity’s content?

Everyday educators, curriculum professionals, and Piqosity's own team of writers and editors have created the content on Piqosity's open platform. Any qualified educator is able to create and upload their lessons and questions for use on Piqosity's platform. Piqosity's in-house content team has more than 19 years of experience educating thousands of students (including [...]

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Should I register as an educator or an organization?

Register as a tutor or teacher if you do not have authorization to represent your school or company or do not need to manage multiple educators. Register as a tutoring company or school organization if you are authorized to represent your school or company and need to manage multiple educators. Both educator and organization accounts [...]

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How do I use Piqosity to improve my child’s reading and writing skills?

We designed Piqosity's English Language Arts (ELA) courses to be used in-school as part of the core curriculum or after-school for enrichment. Compared to a classroom or learning center environment, Piqosity essentially offers multiple books in a more personalized, digital format: Writing Handbook Reading Manual Anthology of Reading Passages Classic Novels Piqosity's ELA courses contain [...]

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Will Piqosity’s courses help my child if they are falling behind in school?

Yes! Piqosity’s courses are designed to meet your student where they are, and they can be used for both enrichment and remediation. Your child can use Piqosity’s lessons and practice materials to review and reinforce the concepts they are struggling with in class. If they aren’t sure where to start, they can take a diagnostic [...]

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