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Personalized Learning and Online Test Prep for Math, English, ACT, SAT, and ISEE.

Improve your scores with our virtual tutor, intuitive lessons, and adaptive practice.

Students in New York City trust Piqosity for ISEE Prep

“It was just perfect, thank you!”
Parent of a New York City 5th grader

Students in Chicago trust Piqosity for their ISEE Prep

“Everything that appeared on the test.”
Chicago 5th grader

Students in Houston trust Piqosity for their ISEE Prep

“The videos were very helpful.”
Parent of a Houston 8th grader

Students in Los Angeles trust Piqosity for their ISEE Prep

“Piqosity really helped.”
Tutor to a Los Angeles 6th grader

Piqosity Virtual Tutor

Not knowing where to start is no issue for Patrick the Piqosity Virtual Tutor (PVT).

Simply tell PVT what your goals are and when your test or desired completion date is, and it’ll guide you step-by-step through lessons and practice.

PVT adapts the course curriculum to your individual goals and needs including content difficulty and mastery expectations.

Piqosity Virtual Tutor Settings
Piqosity Adaptive Practice Animation

Personalized Practice

Piqosity allows you to choose how to tackle your practice.

In adaptive mode, Piqosity dynamically adjusts the difficulty up or down based off your correct or incorrect responses so that you’re always challenged accordingly.

In gamified mode, Piqosity combines elements of adaptive practice with instant scoring, badges, and sounds to liven up even the most challenging of practice sets.

Intuitive Lessons

Every course on Piqosity includes dozens of educator-created lessons to teach you everything you need to know.

And because one size does not fit all, many topics offer different variations on the same concept including video and text-based options.

Our growing community of real educators is constantly adding and updating new content.

Piqosity Math Video Lesson with Script
Animated Normal Stanine Scoring Curve

Comparative Analytics

Piqosity dynamically peer norms every question for difficulty to ensure that you’re adequately challenged.

There’s no more guessing about what a “hard question” looks like—on Piqosity a hard question is simply the one where only the most advanced learners are answering it correctly.

Piqosity keeps track of your key performance indicators including improvement, timing, and weakest areas.

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