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tutor userMost directly-purchased Piqosity accounts created after September 1, 2021, include limited consulting and/or tutoring services. Plans purchased through a school, tutor, or teacher do not usually include these services.

Parents, use the following form to get connected with an educator.

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Only Select and Advanced packages include private tutoring.

Services Offer Terms

Included Services

Consulting and tutoring services are offered by third party providers:

  1. 20-minute parent-tutor consultation is included in all paid plans.
  2. 1-hour student tutoring session is only included on Select and Advanced packages.

Additional Services

These providers may offer you additional services beyond what is included in your package. If you agree to obtain additional services, they will be charged additionally and must be paid directly to the provider. Piqosity does not manage services or payments on behalf of these providers.

Authorization to Disclose Information

By submitting this request, you are authorizing Piqosity to share your information with these third party providers.

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