Although this week was spring break in Houston, it was still fairly productive. As of now, there are 4,185 questions on Piqosity. As we prepare for a public go-live, our contributors are rushing to post the equivalent of 10 full-length practice tests in the ACT, SAT, and ISEE:


Questions/ 1 Test

10 Tests

On Piqosity Now

% Goal
















Total 5,290 4,185 79%

On the face of it, this week’s 393-question progress was disappointing compared to the previous two weeks. However, spring break meant that we had none of our tutor helpers to help power through SAT questions. And nonetheless, we remain well on track to reach our goal by the end of April.

With the ISEE content complete for the moment, we were able to turn our attention to the ACT for the first time in weeks; in fact, the majority of this week’s progress being in this popular college admissions exam. We made good use of our new passage-based-question functionality while uploading all of the english passages from the five previously released ACTs.

Here’s What You Can Do Right Now with Piqosity Assessments

  • For the ACT, students can work through the math sections from the 2015 and 2013 previously released ACTs; and 30 passages from the five previously released ACT English sections
  • For the SAT, students can work through the equivalent of 4.4 full-length tests, minus the verbal sections (Evidence Based Reading and Writing)
  • For the ISEE, students can work through the equivalent of 18.77 full-length tests, which should really leave them wanting for nothing but the test to be over!
  • For anyone not preparing for the above tests, our ISEE content is great for a wide range of math and english material utilized in grades 7 – 10.

Add Your Own Questions

This process might go faster if we had a little help. Feel free to upload your own questions! There are more than 35 K-12 courses outlined on Piqosity.

Upload your own questions in everything from SAT to Physics to World History and create customized quizzes that you can send to your students or friends and family.

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