iStock_000000406782_L1Regardless of your philosophical beliefs, SAT and ACT test scores are inarguably important for future undergrads and their high schools. For students, they need good test scores to get into desirable colleges and even better scores to earn valuable scholarships. For high schools, SAT and ACT test scores and college acceptances are often used by administrators and parents as data points to assess the school’s performance.

Types of School Prep Courses

Realizing that SAT and ACT scores are so important, schools are then left with the question of how to take an active role in their students’ preparation. This involvement can usually be divided into three buckets:

  1. Not My Problem – students prepare themselves outside of school
  2. Checked That Box – school offers online course that is rarely used
  3. Faculty-Led Course – teachers and staff provide their own course

This how-to guide is about option three, the faculty-led course. The faculty-led course is a rare sight to see for a lot of reasons; chief among them is that it’s difficult to recruit already busy teachers and convince them that you have the tools they need to do the job well and painlessly.

Advantage with Faculty-Led Course

However, the faculty-led option is almost certainly the most effective. Very few people enjoy taking standardized tests, and fewer still like preparing for them. But a student’s teacher has the power to inspire and can leverage their existing connection to encourage (or compel) students to actively prepare.

That’s the big difference between “check-the-box” online courses and faculty-led offerings; faculty-led courses involve real-life people at your school who feel a connection to the students and to the course; they’re invested in their mutual success.

Piqosity Can Help for No Cost

Piqosity can help your school effectively and painlessly offer a faculty-led course. Piqosity serves as the no-cost tool while teachers and counselors serve as the every day inspiration and motivation.

Students learn by doing on Piqosity, not by watching videos. And they do what they need to, not what is pre-programmed on a playlist or what the rest of the class is doing.

Have a look at the presentation below (or download PDF here), and we think you’ll see that getting buy-in from your teachers and staff doesn’t have to be so hard. When you’re ready, contact us below for further help.
Piqosity for Schools

Free SAT and ACT Test Prep Program for Schools

Individualized and Adaptive Practice Tests

Easy for Students to Use

Detailed Performance Results

Analytics for Teachers

Bob Hope School Case Study

Low Program Requirements for Course

Step by Step Implementation Guide

School Faculty Needed for Prep Course


Example of a Good SAT or ACT Prep Course

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