Piqosity features more than 1,500 practice questions for the new SAT or the equivalent of 10 full-length practice tests. Questions are originals from our contributors but also official questions from previously released SATs and PSATs. It’s free to join, and Piqosity will automatically determine a student’s strengths and weaknesses. Educators can even monitor students’ progress in their own accounts.

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However despite all of the techno-wizadry available at Piqosity and elsewhere, the SAT remains a pencil and paper test. And to this extent we realize that it’s still helpful to do things the old fashioned way. Below are PDFs to some full-length SAT practice tests that you can print and fill in the bubbles.

Official SAT Practice Tests from College Board

  1. SAT Practice Test 1
  2. SAT Practice Test 2
  3. SAT Practice Test 3
  4. SAT Practice Test 4
  5. SAT Practice Test 5 (Released 8/24/16)
  6. SAT Practice Test 6 (Released 8/24/16)

The College Board has been promising to release a 5th practice test for some time now, but we’ve yet to see it. We’ll post it when it becomes available. Note that if you buy the official prep book that it contains the same practice tests as the ones above – so there’s not much of a reason to do so.

Official PSAT Practice Test from College Board

  1. PSAT Practice Test 1

Unofficial SAT and PSAT Practice Tests

Ivy Global is a test prep company and publishing company based out of New York. We’ve been pretty impressed with their practice materials and their analysis.

  1. Ivy Global Practice SAT Test
  2. Ivy Global Practice PSAT Test

Happy test preparation!