Piqosity is growing up! Given our rapidly growing user base, we are now scheduling our software updates and publishing our release notes.

In order to minimize downtime and disruptions to active users, we are making our updates on Friday and Saturday evenings US central time. On average, down time will be for less than five minutes.

After we finalize an update, we’ll publish release notes in our Help Desk Forum.

Here are the notes from the most recent release on October 30, 2016:

We made the following enhancements:

  1. Real score estimate for the SAT
  2. Quiz results page updated with new charts and graphs
  3. Quiz results now load faster
  4. A timer is now present in the bottom right of quiz pages
  5. New users are asked to pick a course to study when registering

We addressed the following issues:

  1. Only the first attempt of a quiz will be used when calculating performance statistics such as predicted real score, accuracy, and time spent per question. This change was required because some students were abusing the “replay quiz” functionality to improperly inflate their scores.
  2. Piqosity no longer shows an error 500 when saving changes to a question. Although the changes were saving properly, Piqosity displayed a crash.
We are aware of but have not yet addressed these issues:
  1. Inflated statistics from replayed quizzes are still being included in the Leaderboard.
  2. Answer explanation notifications are not properly counting down for teachers. After a teacher responds to a request for an explanation, the number in the notification bubble isn’t going down.
  3. The system time displayed on charts and graphs is in GMT versus the user’s local time or Piqosity’s corporate time (Houston).
  4. When editing or creating a new question, the only way to upload an image is to drag and drop from your computer’s desktop. You cannot use a link or the upload icon as the image will not save properly.