We’re excited to announce our first major software update of 2019. This release brings major new features plus big performance improvements.

New Features

  • Piqosity for Tutoring Companies and Schools
  • Enhanced Leaderboard with Educators

Tutoring companies and schools may now self-register on Piqosity to manage their tutors/teachers and students including paying for discounted user licenses. These accounts also feature customized branding including a unique organization URL and logos.

We’ve significantly enhanced the Leaderboard to recognize more students, and for the first time, their educators as well. Both students and tutors/teachers can earn a spot on the Leaderboard for ranking in the top 25% of their peers.

Students earn points by answering questions correctly. Educators earn points based off their students’ scores and off of their teaching content published on Piqosity.

Awardees are further subdivided into three levels with corresponding badges:

  1. Gold – Top 5%
  2. Silver – Top 10%
  3. Bronze – Top 25%

In the next update, we will also add no-charge public profiles for educators and organizations that will enable them to burnish their brands and more easily attract new students based off of their strong performance on Piqosity.

Performance Improvements

  • Decrease load time for new user registration
  • Decrease load time for student accounts
  • Decrease load time for educator accounts
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and server upgrades

We’re constantly working to improve and expand Piqosity. This year we will also launch 7 full-length practice tests for both the ACT and the SAT. To learn more about our software features or get technical support, visit our Helpdesk.