After more than a year in development, (pique+curiosity) is excited to announce the launch of its practice tests for the ACT* and SAT* college admissions exams. Available immediately for free, each course features 7 full-length practice tests, which can be worked online straight through or broken up and personalized according to the student’s needs.

Piqosity’s ACT practice tests also include an optional Writing Test, and the SAT practice tests include an optional Essay. Students can compose their essays directly within Piqosity and review them later with a parent or educator.

Students receive an estimated SAT or ACT score after the completion of every practice set. This estimate grows more precise the more practice students complete. Other advanced analytics include a breakdown of a student’s strengths and weakness by tested area and details on how students are spending their time on each question. For example, Piqosity can tell if students are rushing or spending too much time.

Piqosity is a web application built for remote learning. All content is developed from the ground-up for completion on a computer or tablet. A virtual whiteboard accompanies every problem so that students can use a touch-enabled laptop or tablet to “show their work,” which educators can later review.

ACT and SAT Entirely Free to Use During The Covid Summer

These ACT and SAT courses are entirely free for new student registrations. Students who register during the promotional period will retain unrestricted access for 365 days, including access to scheduled software and content upgrades.

No credit card is required to register and there are no “in-app purchases.” Click here to create an account and get started!

Tutors, teachers, and schools may also take part in this promotion. Piqosity offers an always free learning management system (LMS) to educators, which allows them to remotely work side-by-side with students, monitor performance, and create assignments with due dates.

For school administrators and tutoring company managers, an organization account enables the creation and management of student and educator users including access to discounted license pricing (non-free courses like ISEE*).

Powered by Piqosity’s Personalized Learning Platform

Piqosity is an online practice test and adaptive learning platform for multiple subjects including ACT, SAT, ISEE, English, and Math. Core application features include:

  • Full-Length Practice Tests – 7 full-length practice tests each for ACT and SAT with 3 more scheduled for summer release (10 total)
  • Personalized Practice – As an alternative to taking full-length tests, students can alternatively focus on particular topics
  • Real Score Estimates – Piqosity continuously provides an estimated ACT or SAT score
  • Answer Explanations – Every question contains at least one answer explanation and students can request more
  • Content Lessons – Launching later this summer, students can refresh themselves on tested topics directly in the Piqosity app
  • Whiteboard – A digital whiteboard accompanies every question so that students can mark up reading passages and math questions
  • Printable PDFs – Every full-length practice test and personalized practice set can be downloaded as PDF for offline printing
  • Timing Preferences – Students can customize Piqosity’s various timers for standard time, time-and-a-half, and double-time
  • Sample Essay Prompts – Every full-length test includes an optional essay

Piqosity is optimized for use on any internet-connected computer but especially great on a touch-screen tablet like an Apple iPad or Microsoft Surface tablet with stylus.

Continuous Improvements

These new ACT and SAT courses are the culmination of over a year of work under the auspices of dozens of brilliant and experienced educators, writers, and editors. However, just like the actual ACT and SAT, Piqosity content is continuously reviewed and updated to ensure proper alignment and difficulty. In fact, students and educators can flag questions for review directly within the application.

New features and content are always in the pipeline. Piqosity’s publication timeline calls for an additional 3 full-length tests each for ACT and SAT to go online by mid-summer 2020 so that there will be a total of 20 tests (10 for ACT and 10 for SAT).

Also coming later this summer are content review lessons. These concise and easy-to-follow lessons will allow students to brush up on tested concepts like fractions, comma rules, and the scientific method directly within the application. Piqosity’s platform also allows for multiple variations on the same lesson so that students can find a lesson that suits their learning style best.

The ultimate fulfillment of Piqosity’s vision is planned for the winter of 2020-2021 when any qualified educator will be encouraged to contribute content onto Piqosity’s adaptive learning platform including practice questions, answer explanations, and lessons—all of which will be mixed-and-matched according to the individual student’s needs.

About Piqosity

Piqosity’s goal is to pique every student’s curiosity according to their individual needs and preferences. We envision a future where every student optimally learns at their own pace and style from the best content that is sourced from any qualified educator and adapted to that student’s unique needs.

We are based in Houston, Texas and very much believe in the mantra that humanity tackles big challenges “not because they are easy, but because they are hard” (JFK, Rice University Stadium, 1962).

*ACT® is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc. SAT® is a registered trademark of College Board. Piqosity is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by either ACT or College Board. ISEE® is a registered trademark of Educational Records Bureau (ERB). Piqosity is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by ERB. 

*Piqosity retains the right to end the “Covid Summer” promotion early should, for example, the app servers become overwhelmed! Only the SAT and ACT courses are included in this promotion. ISEE courses for the Upper, Middle, and Lower Level ISEE remain reasonably priced at just $99.