Several weeks ago we made a major update to Piqosity which introduced in-app concept review lessons across our ISEE, ACT, and SAT preparation courses. That initial batch of more than 100 lessons was mostly text and image-based.

Today’s update brings the first 20 videos–approximately 2-hours–on a broad range of math topics ranging from fundamentals like Number Types to more advanced concepts like Combinatorics. These videos are available now for all new and existing users at no additional charge.

We produced these videos to be concise and easy to reference later. The average video is just 5-minutes long and accompanied by a written transcript so that students can quickly get what they need and move on.

This initial batch of videos is in the “animation” style, which features a computer-animated whiteboard accompanied with a voice-over but no visible instructor.

We are also developing two additional styles of video–“talking head” and “screen capture.”

Talking head videos are probably the most traditional and feature a visible instructor who is presenting slides. However we got a little excited and used Python-based computer animations in lieu of Powerpoint slides to add a little bit more flare. These videos will go live in the coming weeks.

Screen capture videos were popularized by Sal Khan at Khan Academy and involve an instructor recording their screen (typically a tablet like an iPad or Wacom) in real time while they discuss a concept or answer explanation. We will start uploading our interpretation of this style in the coming weeks as well.

We’ve published an extraordinary amount of teaching content on Piqosity. To date we have more than 12,000 practice questions and 400 lessons across 6 courses, including our soon to come Algebra I offering. We’re also arduously plugging away at an 8th grade English Language Arts class.

However, it’s not our goal to be a publishing company. Instead, we want to highlight the great work that third party educators are doing with the aid of our learning platform. We plan to take our publishing tools public to all educators in 2021.

These are the brilliant educators behind our first batch of lessons:

  • Stephen Barton is Piqosity’s Product Manager and wrote and recorded most of the initial videos. He’s completing his Masters in Flute Performance at Carnegie Mellon University. In addition to tutoring academics, he of course teaches the flute.
  • Andy Peters is a Houston-based tutor for one of Piqosity’s largest institutional clients, General Academic. He earned his Masters in Education from the University of Michigan and also has classroom experience as a charter school English teacher.
  • Andrew Williamson is a Houston-based tutor for several companies. He earned his Masters in Mathematics from the University of Houston. He has worked for Princeton Review, Mathnasium, and Khan Academy.

Sample List of Initial Videos:

  1. Angles
  2. Rearranging Equations
  3. Linear Equations
  4. Graphing Linear Equations
  5. Graphing Linear Inequalities
  6. Linear Inequalities
  7. Absolute Value
  8. Distance, Rate, Time
  9. Mean, Median, & Mode
  10. Combinatorics