Our Christmas update brings new, free ISEE practice tests for the Upper, Middle, and Lower levels and enhanced app performance! To keep up with surging student numbers, we gave ourselves the gift of new server hardware for Christmas. You’ll notice the difference with these new AMD-powered servers in significantly faster loading times across the Piqosity application. In addition to the cutting-edge machines, we also pushed out several software and content updates.

New ISEE Practice Diagnostic Tests

We published three new ISEE practice tests, one each for the ISEE Upper, Middle, and Lower levels. However, these tests are special because they’re “mini diagnostic” tests. Each diagnostic test features 5-6 representative questions from each of the ISEE’s four scored topics. Students should only require about 20 minutes to work through the 20-21 questions.

ISEE Upper Level practice test reading comprehension passage excerpt

In building out these new ISEE practice tests, we wrote representative questions from each scored section:

  1. Verbal Reasoning – 2 synonyms & 3 sentence completions
  2. Quantitative Reasoning – 3 word problems & 2 quantitative comparisons (No QC for ISEE lower level)
  3. Reading Comprehension – 1 passage and 6 questions (5 questions for ISEE lower level)
  4. Mathematics Achievement – 5 questions

At the end of the practice test students will receive a comprehensive score report estimating their ISEE stanine score and highlighting strengths and weaknesses. These new practice tests are a great way to both get a feel for the test format and a quick idea of a student’s starting point without being too overwhelming. However note that these mini tests will not tell a complete picture given how short they are; the more questions a student works, the more accurate Piqosity’s estimates will be. We wrote these tests leveraging our most recent analysis of ERB’s official test material.

These new ISEE practice tests are completely free and join our existing 10 full-length ISEE Practice tests in all new and existing student accounts.

To access these new practice tests, simply click here to create your free Piqosity account.

Split Up Full-Length Practice Tests

Since this summer, Piqosity has featured 10 full-length practice tests for the ISEE, ACT, and SAT. However, we heard from both students and educators that they wanted the additional flexibility to be able to take and score individual sections of full-length tests. Our Christmas update makes splitting up tests in this manner much easier to do.

Now student accounts are loaded up with the 10 full-length practice tests plus individual copies of each sub-test. For example, ISEE Practice Test 1 can be taken straight through (approximately 3 hours) or the individual sections of Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Mathematics Achievement can be taken and scored separately. These new sub tests are available under the “Tests” tab from the student dashboard.

ACT Mini Tests

Tutors and teachers can now also individually assign sections of full-length tests in the classroom page. Note that only one section of a test can be assigned at a time. We have updated our help article on “Assigning Students Problem Sets with Due Dates” to reflect the implementation of this new feature.

Miscellaneous Improvements and Bug Fixes

Other improvements and fixes include:

  • Optimization of LaTeX math images
  • Fix for PDF question order of adaptive practice quizzes
  • Ability for educators to see eliminated answer choices and scratch work in scored assignments

Happy Holidays!