Piqosity offers market-leading online prep courses for the ACT and SAT with 10 full-length practice tests, dozens of concept lessons including videos, and a personalized e-learning platform that analyzes a student’s performance and dynamically makes recommendations on next steps.

Beginning September 6, 2021, these courses will no longer be entirely free to all registered users. However, in-line with our promise from when we first launched these courses during the depths of the pandemic, we will continue to make our ACT and SAT courses free to interested public schools (“Piqosity Pilot Schools”).

As of November 30, 2022, enrollment in the Piqosity Pilot program for public schools has ended.

Benefits of Joining as a Piqosity Pilot School

  1. Free ACT or SAT On-Track Package
  2. Access for 365 days
  3. For all applicable students*

Applicable students qualify as part of the school’s involvement in this program when their accounts are created by their enrolled teacher or school administrator.

Any US public or charter school qualifies for this offer; however, we do reserve the right to limit participation at any time due to load balancing constraints on our servers.

Responsibilities of Piqosity Pilot Schools

In reality there aren’t really any “gotchas” to this program; however, we hope that you’ll see our offer as a tremendous value and opportunity for you and your students and will:

  1. Encourage students to regularly practice on Piqosity seriously;
  2. Provide feedback on how to improve the Piqosity platform and content, and
  3. Consider customizing Piqosity to better meet your needs by uploading your own instructional lessons and/or practice questions.

Frequently Anticipated Questions (FAQs)

To qualify you’ll need to first register as an educator or organization admin and then complete a short form verifying that you’re a teacher at a public school. You must register with your valid school e-mail address and upload a picture of your school ID. Within a few business days, we’ll do a quick Google search to verify your credentials and send you an e-mail letting you know that we’ve validated your account and that you can start freely adding students.

Yes! We don’t require that your entire school sign up or that you receive an administrator or (gasp) school board approval. Piqosity is just like any other free tool you found on the internet. However, help us out and let your fellow teachers know about us and maybe even tell an administrator if you’re feeling lucky.

You could get a demo, but this is an entirely free service, so we don’t have a dedicated team of commission-driven, pushy sales people to persuade you to accept this offer. We promise that Piqosity is really easy to use and that we’ve provided lots of documentation here at piqosity.com/educators and in our support portal. Our in-app forum is another great resource.

Paid accounts created before a school is formally accepted as a Piqosity Pilot will not be refunded. Students should talk to their teacher or school administrator about joining this program before making a purchase.