The Piqosity app will be offline for a major code release starting at 11:59pm on Wednesday, March 15, 2023, that will last until at least 6am Thursday, March 16th US central time.

As previously announced, there will be some significant features in this release.

Feature and Content Updates

  1. Pre-Calculus and ELA 10 are going live.
  2. For educators, the Manage Content page has been completely redesigned to be faster and easier to use.
  3. For educators, you can now create questions in “draft” form and view/load past revisions.
  4. For educators, you can now add microtopics to questions and lessons; a spring release will update PVT to fully utilize microtopics across all related courses including remedial practice.
  5. Miscellaneous bug fixes including student and org stats.

Performance and Backend Updates

The multi-hour downtime is the result of significant architecture improvements in this release, including:

  1. Upgrading our cutting-edge graph database to the latest version of Neo4j 5.3
  2. Rewriting existing app views in Angular 14 to be faster and easier to use:
    1. Test Taking View
    2. PVT Modules
    3. All new pages
  3. Improving the way the app sends automated e-mails with the integration of Sendgrid

While this update is mostly about back-end improvements, we’re excited about all the amazing features and increased scalability it will allow us going into our spring and summer releases.

Note – We updated this announcement on March 8th to reflect the new deployment date; the original announcement was for March 9-10.