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Are you trying to find the best online ISEE test prep for your child? Consider Piqosity, the market leader in online ISEE test prep materials. By using our resources, you and your child will have access to much more than just sample questions or a single (not even full!) practice test. 

Read on to learn exactly what you should look for while choosing ISEE test prep online.

The ISEE Exam: A Brief Overview 

Before we get into the particulars of ISEE test prep, let’s take a quick moment to review some basics. The ISEE, or Independent School Entrance Examination, is a nationally recognized standardized test. Scores from the ISEE are used by the most prestigious middle and high schools throughout the United States.

There are four levels of the ISEE: 

For a thorough look at ISEE basics, please see the following Piqosity articles: 

What Features Make up the Best Online ISEE Test Prep?

Piqosity has spent years developing tests and other useful content for students. The result? A reputation for providing students with the best online ISEE test prep around. 

Let’s break down what makes our advanced ISEE Test prep online something special

1. 10 Full-Length Practice Tests

Your ISEE test prep online comes with not just one practice ISEE test. Instead, you will receive 10 practice tests! Each of the 10 practice tests is full-length. They will have the same sections, same breaks, and same amount of questions that you will face on testing day. There are also essay prompts included for that part of your test preparation. In this way, students will be able to practice in real-time and familiarize themselves with the test format.

These tests are at the core of our test prep materials. Our Advanced ISEE package offers 10 full-length practice tests, a 1-1 tutoring session, the bundled courses listed above, and practice questions, and more. At the same price, our top competitor offers only 6 full-length practice tests and practice questions. Note: Even the Community ISEE plan comes with a Mini Diagnostic test, completely free of charge.

And as you’ll see in a moment, our practice tests are just the beginning of our ISEE test prep resources and tools. 

2. Lessons + Video Tutorials 

After taking their first online practice test, students will be provided with an evaluation of their Strengths and Weaknesses. With this powerful information at their command, students can direct their studies by using Piqosity’s concept review lessons, tutorials, and how-to videos.

Our lessons cover the most important and tricky concepts included in the ISEE. And, in case a student is intimidated by all of their studying options, Piqosity prompts students with which courses to take, according to their practice test results. After they’ve completed their lessons, they can then move on to practice questions that help solidify the concepts they’ve learned.

3. Adaptive, Gamified Practice Questions

We take studying and testing to a fun level with gamified practice, tailored to your student’s exact needs. After taking the initial test, the student’s score data will be analyzed by Piqosity. Then, the student will be given access to gamified practice questions designed to help them grasp troublesome concepts. Games provide instant feedback and award points. Students will love following their progress on the leaderboard, receiving visual rewards, and earning badges as they prepare for the ISEE. 

4. Score Prediction & Analysis

You won’t have to wonder about what a student’s potential final ISEE score will be when they study with Piqosity. This is because we update estimated scores every time a student completes a practice set or one of our full-length tests. Any other practice a student completes is also analyzed and will give them details on any necessary improvements.

5. Parent Consultations & a 1:1 Private Tutoring Session

Beginning with our Starter package, parents are also entitled to a consultation with a tutor. This parent-tutor consultation is twenty minutes long and provides additional guidance and insights.

A 1:1 private tutoring session is available to those who purchase our Select package. This hour-long private tutorial will be held with a knowledgeable educator and will focus on discussing the analysis of a student’s test results and how best to improve them.

6. Answer Explanations & Access to an Educator Network

Have you ever taken a test and wondered what went wrong? Maybe you felt confident in your knowledge, and then got a much lower score than you anticipated. Then, you have no idea what concepts you missed, and therefore have no way of improving future scores. 

This doesn’t happen to students who use our ISEE test prep app. Every single question on our ISEE practice tests has at least one explanation. Once a test is completed, students are able to go over their incorrect answers and learn exactly why the answer was incorrect. If the student still doesn’t not understand the concept, they can request an additional explanation from one of the educators within our network.

7. Downloadable, Printable PDFs

When you schedule your student’s ISEE date, your student is given the option to take either a computer test or a pen-and-paper test. If your student’s preferred testing method is pen and paper, they can still use Piqosity for their test preparation. We provide printable PDFs of all of our practice tests so that any child can take advantage of this learning opportunity.

8. Customizable Timer

Part of studying for the ISEE test online includes learning the test format and practicing for test day. The ISEE is a timed test, with a certain amount of time allowed for each section. Students will want to feel confident that they have a good handle on their pacing before the big day arrives. When taking our tests and doing practice questions, students can utilize our customizable timer to track progress and keep on task. They can choose between standard time, time-and-a-half, and double time. 

9. Even More Test-Taking Tools

There are also numerous other tools students may use while taking their practice tests. Our “Mark” button allows students to mark a difficult question so that they can return to it later. This helps students practice useful testing strategies, like skipping a difficult question and returning to answer it later. 

The question timer tells a student how long they have spent on a single question, while the section timer counts the time a student has spent in the entire section. Like the customizable timer, this helps students practice their test pacing. 

A whiteboard is also provided during practice tests on which they may write out their work digitally if desired. This whiteboard comes with its own set of tools, which include a pencil and pen, an eraser, and a “paste question image feature”. This feature also lets students move a picture, like a math diagram, onto their “scratch paper.”

10. Roadmaps to Success 

With Piqosity’s tests, lessons, and practice, students will be able to follow a clear roadmap to ISEE success. Test first, then strategize, practice, and discuss the outcomes. Finally, repeat the cycle until you achieve your preferred score. 

So, the next time you’re wondering, “Can you study for the ISEE test?” you can be confident that the answer is: Yes, absolutely!

We recommend that you start studying for your ISEE test in the spring, a year and a half before entering your new private school. However, keep in mind that the ISEE covers a wide scope of material, and no amount of testing tricks and tips can make up for a lack of understanding in core competencies.

The best way to discover and address these issues is to first take ISEE online practice tests like those at Piqosity, which can pinpoint your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses. Once you know what areas your child needs to work on, you can use Piqosity’s ISEE lessons to strengthen and review concepts that might have fallen through the cracks.

success cycle

Our ISEE test prep packages are also now bundled with math and English enrichment courses that can provide further remediation, enrichment, and test prep. As of this writing, we currently offer 5th grade math, Algebra 1, 5th grade English, and 8th grade English, with releases for Algebra 2 and 11th grade English on the horizon! Check back regularly for more courses! 

Experience the Best Online ISEE Test Prep Available with Piqosity

At Piqosity, the best online ISEE test prep is not just available with our advanced, Select package. Although we do strongly recommend that your students take practice tests, we’ve tried to make success accessible even with the resources in our free Community Package.

With this package, students have access to the mini diagnostic test, tutorial lessons with videos, adaptive practice questions, and more — all at no cost to you.

To unlock our Community Package ISEE test prep, or to purchase one of our larger packages, register for free today.

Piqosity also has its own roadmap to success. We are constantly working to update our materials and develop new, exciting, and useful features for our customers. We follow a cycle of design, implementation, testing, evolution, and analysis to consistently better our practices. In this way, we can assist the families we serve in achieving their academic goals. 

Check back for new features and updates or follow us on Facebook to stay in the loop! 

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