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If you or your child is currently preparing for an ISEE test, you have probably researched options for an ISEE online practice test. A high ISEE test score can help your child stand out from the crowd during the admissions process to various private schools across the United States. Practicing with Piqosity’s best online ISEE test prep can help increase your child’s familiarity with the ISEE test and provide them with remediation on areas where they need extra practice.

Here’s what makes Piqosity’s ISEE test prep different from our competitors. 

ISEE Prep with Piqosity: What Makes Us Different?

So, what makes our ISEE online practice tests so much different than our competitors? ISEE test prep with Piqosity is competitively priced, realistic, and offers quality resources beyond practice tests. Piqosity is also proud to offer non-affiliated test prep that makes our tests and resources available to all.

1. Piqosity Works to Pique the Curiosity of All Students

The Education Records Bureau or (ERB) is a non-profit company that develops the ISEE. In 2020, ERB announced its partnership with a for-profit testing and tutoring company, Test Innovators. This exclusionary marketing arrangement has many different aspects that make it less than optimal. 

For example, the ERB fails to disclose how much money they collect through this endorsement with this for-profit agency. These problematic for-profit sales blur the integrity of the non-profit organization. 

Also, unlike similar partnerships nationwide, this partnership does not make sample ISEE tests available for everyone. In fact, Piqosity believes that choosing to endorse a single testing site fails to support educators across all demographics. It also leaves many families and students scrambling, without access to important resources. Lastly, ERB blocks further innovations in educational technology with this poorly chosen endorsement. 

Piqosity is in no way affiliated with ERB and aims to provide optimal test prep resources for students and families across all demographics nationwide.

2. Our Prices are Truly Competitive 

Piqosity offers truly competitive pricing for our practice tests. Our top competitor offers fewer materials at a significantly higher cost than our offerings. For example, here is a comparison of our Advanced package with that of our competitor. 

ISEE Competitive Comparison

Note that you will receive all of the above in addition to our free resources and platform tools, which include:

  • Strengths and Weakness Analysis
  • Score Reports and Score Prediction 
  • Printable PDFs
  • Gamified Practice
  • Answer Explanations
  • Concept Review Lessons (with Videos) 
  • A Virtual Whiteboard and Timer
  • And more…  

3. Our Full-Length ISEE Online Practice Tests are Realistic

Many of our competitors’ ISEE online practice tests are “sample” tests (not full-length). When you embark on your ISEE practice tests with Piqosity, you won’t just have a few example questions to work with. Instead, you will have realistic, full-length tests where you can apply both your academic knowledge as well as testing strategies. 

Our tests include adaptive practice questions and community-created content. Because these practice tests are full-length, you will also be able to build your endurance and familiarize yourself with the structure that testing day will bring. Moreover, our practice tests have been developed by knowledgeable education professionals, who understand the expectations and academic rigors of the ISEE test.

4. We Offer Much More Than Practice Tests

Families seeking admission to prestigious schools often are looking for more than just one ISEE online practice test. That’s where the full Piqosity test prep experience comes in. Not only will you be able to take advantage of 10 full-length practice ISEE tests, but you will also be able to strategize by using Piqosity’s content lessons and tutorials. Then, you may discuss these concepts to further your understanding within Piqosity’s question-and-answers forums.

With Piqosity’s platform tools, you will not just understand your test score when it arrives – you will also be able to view a score report and score prediction based off of your ISEE online practice test. Furthermore, you will receive a Strengths and Weakness analysis to help you determine the best ways to prepare. 

Finally, Piqosity is here to support you and your family. We have worked hard to create free, helpful resources for the community and are constantly writing articles so that our customers have answers to ISEE FAQs, such as:

You can find more resources like this at Piqosity’s blog. For your convenience, we have also created both a Lower Level Guide and a Middle & Upper Level Guide

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