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For the new digital PSAT, Piqosity offers a full-length practice test completely free! Just like the real PSAT, Piqosity’s digital PSAT is comprised of 54 Reading and Writing Questions and 54 Math questions.

  • No credit card or phone number required
  • Full-length and adaptive
  • Completely free

The Reading and Writing test is divided into 2 modules. All students will take the mixed difficulty Reading and Writing module 1. Students who correctly answer 19 or more questions in module 1 will then go on to the harder Reading and Writing module 2b. Conversely, the majority of students will receive the easier Reading and Writing module 2a.

The Math test is divided into two modules. All students will take the mixed difficulty Math module 1. Students who correctly answer 12 or more questions in Math module 1 will then go on to the harder Math module 2b. Conversely, the majority of students will receive the easier Math module 2a.

Given the newness of the digital PSAT and SAT, this course is still in development. We intend to make continuous improvements including peer-norming the test questions and tweaking the user interface. We hope you find our free digital PSAT test beneficial and wish you the best of luck on the real PSAT in October!

Digital PSAT Structure

Digital PSAT Infographic including format, timing, and strategies.

Click here to download a black and white, printable version of this PSAT infographic.

Similar to the upcoming digital SAT, the digital PSAT is comprised of two tests:

  • Reading and Writing – 64 minutes and 54 questions; 71 seconds per question
  • Math – 70 minutes and 44 questions; 95 seconds per question

Each test is subdivided into two modules of equal question count and timed length:

  • Module 1 – all students take this module
  • Module 2 – hard or easy module

Module 2 is “adaptive,” in that about 75% of students will get the easier version and the highest scoring 25% will get the harder version:

  • Reading and Writing 2b hard – accessible when you get about 70% of of Reading and Writing module 1 questions correct
  • Math Writing 2b hard – accessible when you get about 60% of Math module 1 questions correct

You need to reach Module 2b in order to get the highest possible score on the PSAT. Students who don’t make it to the harder module 2b will see a maximum score of about 1100 out of 1600.

Digital PSAT Tested Content

Reading and Writing Test

  • 27 passages per module
  • 25-150 words in length
  • 1 question per passage
  • 71 seconds per question
  • Wide range of genres including poetry

Tested reading and writing topics include:

  • Information & Ideas – Main Idea & Supporting Idea
  • Craft & Structure – Includes Vocabulary in Context
  • Expression of Ideas – Conciseness & Precision
  • Standard English Conventions – Grammar & Mechanics

Math Test

  • 22 questions per module
  • 95 seconds per question
  • 2/3 multiple choice
  • 1/3 type-in, free-response
  • Calculator always allowed

Tested math topics include:

  • Algebra (30%) – Pre-Algebra & Algebra I
  • Advanced Math (30%) – Up through Algebra II
  • Problem Solving & Data Analysis (15%)
  • Geometry & Trigonometry (15%)

Digital PSAT FAQs

What is the Digital PSAT/NMQST?2023-09-21T15:17:14-05:00
  • The PSAT is essentially a practice test for the SAT. About half of juniors nationwide will take the PSAT primarily as a way of qualifying for the National Merit Scholarship program.
  • NMQST stands for “National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test,” which just means that you take the PSAT in order to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship.
What is the National Merit Scholarship?2023-09-21T15:15:27-05:00

The National Merit Scholarship recognizes the top college-bound seniors by PSAT score. “Commended” scholars are the top 5% of PSAT test-takers nationwide. The more prestigious “Semifinalist” scholars are the top 1% of PSAT test-takers in each state. Most Semifinalists go on to become Finalists and are eligible for big scholarships including entirely free tuition, room, and board at major public colleges.

Why should I take the PSAT?2023-09-21T15:12:51-05:00
  1. It’s good practice for the SAT and ACT. For the moment, these college admissions tests remain very important for most students and the colleges they’re applying to. The sooner you start preparing, the more likely you are to earn a high score.
  2. You could win a big scholarship. Students scoring in the top 5% and up may be eligible for National Merit Scholarships. Students scoring in the top 1% may be eligible for scholarships worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in the form of free college tuition, room, board, and expenses!
  3. Your school told you so. Many high school juniors are required to take the PSAT during school hours. Schools require students to take the PSAT for the reasons above but also because administrators need a clear idea of how their students are performing relative to students at other schools.
When do students take the PSAT?2023-09-21T15:13:27-05:00

Current high school juniors take the PSAT during school hours in the month of October. The actual date is set by the school where the student is scheduled. Not all schools offer the PSAT, and the ones that do may charge students a fee.

How is the PSAT scored?2023-09-21T15:14:19-05:00
  • Your PSAT score report will show two primary scores: Total Score and NMSC Selection Index score.
  • The Total Score is similar to an SAT score but the range is only a 320 to 1520 instead of 400 to 1600.
  • The Selection Index is used to determine your eligibility for a National Merit Scholarship. The Selection Index score is calculated by doubling your Reading and Writing score, adding your Math score, and taking 10% of the sum [(RW × 2) + M] ÷ 10.
What is a good score on the PSAT?2023-09-25T11:24:51-05:00
  • The best score on the PSAT is one that places you among the top 1% of test takers in your state, which qualifies you for the designation, “National Merit Semifinalist.” Across all 50 states, the average cutoff score in 2023 was a 214; however, your state could be higher or lower.
  • For academically competitive students, a good score on the PSAT is one that places you among the top 5% of all test-takers, which earns you the designation “Commended Scholar”. Generally this score is a selection index of 207 or higher.
Why is Piqosity’s Digital SAT Course Free?2024-05-09T09:29:57-05:00

Piqosity’s new Digital SAT course is currently free through May August 24, 2024. We are confident in the quality of our content but not all of it is available. Therefore, access is free because this course is still in development:

  1. Not all 12 full-length tests are available. While we intend to offer 12 digital SAT practice tests plus 2 PSAT tests, we are rolling them out sequentially between February and May, 2024.
  2. Instructional lessons are not yet uploaded. Our content team is in the process of adapting paper SAT lessons plus writing entirely new lessons and videos. These how-to guides will be uploaded beginning in May.
  3. The questions are not normed. Piqosity is unique among e-learning platforms in that every question on our platform is continuously peer-normed for difficulty. However, given the newness of the DSAT content, we don’t yet have that data. For this reason, you’ll also notice that our full-length tests are not currently numbered 1-12. Instead they have unique names like “Baker” or “Sid Rich” so that we can shuffle the order around in order to encourage more usage of certain tests during the free, development period.
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