We successfully deployed our most complex update ever to the Piqosity application on Thursday, June 13, 2024. These are the biggest changes existing users should be aware of:

  1. A New Student Questionnaire helps to orient students when they first log in.
  2. The Student Dashboard has been completely reimagined.
  3. Piqosity Virtual Tutor 2 (PVT 2) replaces PVT 1 and now includes Intelligent Remediation.
  4. Holistic Review is a new feature that shows the linkages between related courses.
  5. ACT and ISEE Upper Level courses now include a premium video course.

More technical details about the deployment can be found in our release notes.

For students who were not already using PVT 1, there are no significant changes to how the app functions. For example, there are no updates to Personalized Practice, Full-Length Tests, or Review Past Practice.

There are similarly no major changes to the educator views outside of updates to how billing plans are selected. Educators will now have the ability to add our new College Prep and ISEE Advanced bundles with Intelligent Remediation across all of our math and English courses.

New Student Questionnaire

New Student Questionnaire

All new users to the app will start by answering 5-10 questions about their goals and timeline. The answers to these questions will allow for better personalization of each course with PVT 2.

Updated Student Dashboard

We have completely redesigned the student dashboard to emphasize a student’s next steps. Our goal is to make Piqosity as easy to use as clicking on “next.” We’ve accomplished this task by highlighting the personalized course outline and automatically recommending the next module in the course.

A student’s predicted scores in a course are now plotted in a line chart with data from the last 30 days, and a new progress bar appears at the top of the page to visually track a student’s movement through the course relative to their stated goals and demonstrated proficiency.

Piqosity Virtual Tutor 2 with Intelligent Remediation

The massive database and algorithm work behind PVT 2 is the bulwark of this summer’s app update. We have completely reworked Piqosity Virtual Tutor (PVT 2) to be easier to use and more comprehensive; plus it now automatically identifies and remediates prerequisite math weaknesses and integrates full-length practice tests.

Test prep courses for the ACT, SAT, and ISEE are divided into 30 (ISEE Lower Level) to 70 modules (ACT). Each module is comprised of three primary components:

  1. Instructional lesson (text or video)
  2. Assessment questions on the concepts taught in the lesson
  3. General practice on all topics previously seen by the student

When students score below their goal in a math module, PVT 2 will automatically recommend prerequisite math topics for the student to work on.

Holistic Review

Holistic Review is a new feature which shows students how courses are related by using the database linkages between prerequisites and progressions now coded into topics and questions. For example, a student preparing for the ACT might have worked 1,000 questions on Piqosity with an 80% accuracy rate.

Even though they have not worked a single question in our Algebra 2 course, we are still able to estimate that they have an 80% accuracy in the matching Algebra 2 topics, since the student worked those related questions in the ACT course.

Premium Video Courses

For users who purchase the Honors level or above in our ISEE Upper Level or ACT courses, they will now have access to a premium video course integrated into PVT 2. The ACT video course comprises nearly 15 hours of concept review and instructor-led practice, and the ISEE Upper Level is over 7 hours of runtime. Additional video courses for the new Digital SAT and ISEE Lower Level are expected later this summer.